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Carl Cox

Vardas: Carl Cox

Stiliai: Techno / Tech House / House / Electro



Carl Cox @ Carl Cox & Friends Ahoi, Rotherdam 04.08.2006

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Carl Cox – Global 417 (Guest Marco Bailey)-SAT-03-12-2011


ARTiST…. : Carl Cox
TiTLE….. : Global 417 (Guest Marco Bailey)-SAT-03-12
GENRE….. : Techno
SUBGENRE.. : n/a
SOURCE…. : Radio
RELDATE… : Mar-12-2011
AiRDATE… : Mar-12-2011

TRACKS…. : 03
LENGTH…. : 108:16
SiZE…… : 126.7 MB
QUALiTY… : VBRkbps

Nr Name Time
– ————————————————————– -
01. Carl Cox-Global 417-SAT-03-12-2011 27:44
02. Marco Bailey-Global 417-SAT-03-12-2011 27:53
03. Carl Cox-Global 417-SAT-03-12-2011 52:39
– ————————————————————– -
– — total > 108:16

Short preview, LoFi Quality (128 kbps):


Carl Cox – Global 414 (Guest Derrick Carter)-SAT-02-19-2011

Progressive House

ARTiST…. : Carl Cox
TiTLE….. : Global 414 (Guest Derrick Carter)-SAT-02-19
GENRE….. : House
SUBGENRE.. : n/a
SOURCE…. : Radio
RELDATE… : Feb-19-2011
AiRDATE… : Feb-19-2011

TRACKS…. : 03
LENGTH…. : 108:22
SiZE…… : 117.1 MB
QUALiTY… : VBRkbps

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Global Underground GU38 Carl Cox - Black Rock Desert (Digital)2010 NLT

Carl Cox to Release Global Underground "Black Rock Desert"
Electro House Music
Release Date: January 25, 2010

Carl Cox releases his debut Global Underground mix album, ‘Black Rock Desert,’ on January 25th, 2010, taken from a storming 2 hour set at The Opulent Temple in the Black Rock Desert this summer.

Both CDs are bursting with exclusives. CD1 includes the whacked out groove of Tiefschwarz’s ‘Trust’ and Onionz’s ‘Spacebass’ (Original Mix), with its rocket jet booms and spiralling percussion. Guy J’s ‘Lamur’ (Henry Saiz remix) drops a tribal robot stomp, before the shuffling beats of Alan Fitzpatrick’s ‘Green Light’ take over. Fitzpatrick also supplies a panting re-rub of ‘Slice’ from New York techno legend Joey Beltram.

‘Main Room Part 1’ by Robbie Rivera opens CD2, with piercing strings launching into a harder, more madcap mix that is Carl’s favourite of the two. Joachim Gaurraud’s ‘No Techno In This Room Please’ is a highlight with clanging bin-lid percussion, echoing howls and submarine bass wallops. ‘Perfect Sunrise’ by Wilson Smallwood & Ingram drops in gloopy twists reminiscent of 808 State’s ‘Pacific State’ and Politeca’s ‘What Kind Of World’ closes with its pulsing, jazzy undertones.

No label encapsulates dance music's international explosion and restless creativity quite like Global Underground. Launched in 1996 with a Tony de Vit mix album based on a visit to Tel Aviv, it has expanded from a world-famous series of defining DJ mix CDs into all areas of cutting edge dance music. They have released artist albums for acts like James Lavelle's UNKLE, sound tracked some of the world’s most popular TV shows, including CSI, and some of PlayStation's biggest selling games, and staged fantastic parties in some of the world’s most exotic locations – not to mention selling over three million CDs. And now they’ve touched down in Nevada.

“When I finally decided to do a Global Underground mix it just had to be here,” says Carl. “Everything aside from the entrance fee is free. It’s all about sharing and contributing to the experience. People barter, offering everything from free artwork installations to free flirting lessons and drinks. And Nevada looks like a scene from mad Max.”

Jason Teplitsky and Syd Gris finally talked Carl into playing at the festival’s Opulent Temple in 2008. He was so moved by the event, he resolved to keep coming back every year. He continues, “It’s people who are there for their own reasons – whether it’s to laugh, to cry, to have sex, to listen to music, whether you want to run around naked, or fully clothed,” says Carl. “It doesn’t matter if you are a big DJ. It’s all about what you want to give. I’ve spent a lot of my own money to play here, but I don’t care. I give people my music and I get back a lot of love. That’s enough.”

Carl defines techno: his 1995 techno mix album ‘F.A.C.T’ sold 250,000 copies; he had three Top 30 UK hits – with ‘I Want You’ in 1991, The ‘Two Paintings And A Drum’ EP in 1996, and later ‘Sensual Sophist-i-cat’. From ‘96-‘03 his Ultimate Base night at London’s Velvet Rooms attracted the likes of Sven Vath and Laurent Garnier, who used to come just to dance. In ‘06, his night at Space won Best Ibiza Club Night at the Ibiza DJ Awards, in ‘08 he returned to the UK with the Carl Cox and Friends Night at Heaven and readers of Mixmag voted him the Best DJ of the last 25 years. Now 47, he lives half the year in Melbourne, Australia, and continues headlining the best clubs and parties all over the world. “After the Ibiza season, after the festivals I’ve done, after my own events,” he said, “the story still continues in a massive way – I’m working with new people, seeing different places and I’m overjoyed the Global Underground team got me on board for this mix.”


Disc 01
1. Tiefschwarz Feat. Seth Troxler – Trust
2. Hijacker – Groov 2 (Bushwacka! Mix)
3. Christian Vance – Chase The Night (Craig McWhinney’s Soft & Warm Mix)
4. Skylark – Krakatoa (Joel Mull Moodswing Mix)
5. Lee Van Dowski & Glimpse – La Cocina Del Cabron
6. Guy J – Lamur (Henry Saiz Mix Edit)
7. Alan Fitzpatrick – Green Light
8. Lance Bioise & Rod B – Faaktree
9. Onionz – Space Bass
10. Paride Saraceni – New Age Acids
11. Magitman – Cat Skin
12. Fergie – Maktub
13. Joey Beltram – Slice 2010 (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
14. Trevor Rockliffe – Move!!
15. Christian Smith – Flyertalk

Disc 02
1. Robbie Rivera – The Main Room Part One
2. Alex Dias – Scientific (Nato Medrado Remix)
3. Count Sinca – Space Cow (Pablo Acenso & Juan Deminicis Mix)
4. Noir – The Off World (Oliver Dahl Remix)
5. Abi Bah – It’s A Hybrid (Cari Lekebusch Remix)
6. Tim Baker – Rebirth Of The Saga
7. Joachim Garraud – No Techno In This Room Please
8. Wilson, Smallwood & Ingram – Perfect Sunrise
9. Adam Beyer & Joel Mull – Forming Dies (Jerome Sydenham Remix)
10. Jon Rundell – Damager
11. Umek – Before Violence
12. Steve Mulder – Within Seconds
13. John Dalagelis – Asio (Ananda Project Remix)
14. James Zabiela – Darkness.2
15. Petrae Foy & PJC Project – Long Train
16. Gui Boratto – Take My Breath Away
17. Politeca – What Kind Of World Do You Want?

Global Underground presents Carl Cox: Black Rock Desert is out 25 Jan 2010.

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Carl Cox presents – Global Episode 401 guest Jon Rundell (19 November 2010)



VA – Back To Mine: Carl Cox’s (Vol. 19) (2010) – 01.11.2010


VA – Back To Mine: Carl Cox’s (Vol. 19) (2010)
Electronic, House, Disco | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 163.81 MB

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Carl Cox – Global 398 – 2010.10.29


Global Warmer

1. Lee Burridge & Matthew Dekay – Wongel [CEC 018]

Global Lowdown -

Global Alliance – Deetron

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Carl Cox presents – Global 397 (22-10-2010)


ARTiST…. : Carl Cox
TiTLE….. : Global 397 (22-10-2010)
GENRE….. : Techno
SUBGENRE.. : n/a
SOURCE…. : Live Session
RELDATE… : 22-10-2010
AiRDATE… : 22-10-2010

TRACKS…. : 01
LENGTH…. : 118:12
SiZE…… : 205.1 MB
QUALiTY… : VBRkbps

Nr Name Time
– ————————————————————– -
01. Global 397 (22-10-2010) 118:12
– ————————————————————– -
– — total > 118:12

Short preview ( Lo-Fi – 128 kbps ):


Carl Cox presents – Global Episode 396 (Highlights from Bedrocks 12th Anniversary in London) – 15.10


1. Masi & Mello – The Afterworld (Re-Work Dub)
2. ID
3. Zander VT – Trying Some More
4. Trevor Rockcliffe – Music 2010ID
5. ID

6. ID
7. Carl Cox – The Latin Theme (Egbert Remix)
8. ID
9. Steve Mulder Vs Nick Fiorucci – 3rd Cut (Original Mix)
10. Finzy & Mario K – Mechant (Cd-r)
11. Jonno Brien – Be Alright (Steve Mulder Remix)
12. Underworld vs Roman Gertz – Dark Train Repeater (Cd-r)
13. ID
14. Christian Smith – ID
15. ID
16. Kevin Saunderson – Rock To The Beat (Christian Smith And John Selway Remix)
17. Marco Bailey Or Umek IDIDIDIDID

18. Booka Shade – Manderine Girl (James Talk Remix) (Cd-r)
19. Santos – Matinee
20. Onionz – ID
21. Cajmere – Percolator (Riva Starr Remix)
22. Round Table Knights & Bauchamp – Calypso (Original Mix)
23. Rob Threezy – Chicago On Acid/Tribute To Acid (Cd-r)

Short preview ( Lo-Fi – 128 kbps ):


Carl Cox - Space Ibiza Techno - Tech_House



Carl Cox – Live at Bedrock 12 Release Party Brixton Academy (London)-SAT-10-02-2010


ARTiST…. : Carl Cox
TiTLE….. : Live at Bedrock 12 Release Party _Brixton Academy (London)-SAT-10-02
GENRE….. : Electronic
SUBGENRE.. : n/a
SOURCE…. : Live Session
RELDATE… : Oct-16-2010
AiRDATE… : Oct-02-2010

TRACKS…. : 01
LENGTH…. : 107:37
SiZE…… : 121.8 MB
QUALiTY… : VBRkbps

Nr Name Time
– ————————————————————– -
01. Live at Bedrock 12 Release Party _Brixton Academy (107:37
– ————————————————————– -
– — total > 107:37

Carl Cox Global 396 live from the official Bedrock 12 release party in London.

Short preview ( Lo-Fi – 128 kbps ):


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